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classes and javaScript

Creating and working with classes in VBA is very different from working with js classes. In fact, JavaScript is a classless language – there is no such thing as a class. This is not so […]

Microsoft Office & VBA

VBA promise implementation

Here’s how the promise framework  is implemented. This is kind of extreme VBA and Excel is very unforgiving. If you are playing around with this, I advise saving often. cDeferred versus cPromise These two classes […]

Microsoft Office & VBA

How to make a table from a cdataset

From Excel 2003, you could use Tables. A cDataSet is somewhat like a table in that is structured data, expecting headings etc. When you use bigCommit() in cDataSet, it wipes out the existing Excel data […]

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Clear data cells with cDataSet

Hopefully you will have read How to use cDataSet to see how to abstract data from your sheet and taken a look at the cDataSet Model to see which methods and properties are available. I […]

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Classes: Introduction

You use a class to describe an object. An object is a collection of whatever you like, and encapsulates both the values and references (properties) and actions (methods) associated with that object. You need to […]

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Tables and listobjects

Nowadays structured references are the preferred way to access table data in Excel and VBA. Although most of the examples you may have looked at so far have talked about ranges, you can also specify […]

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What can you do with this? Download Classes Learn about classes Download Example Projects It is all about Classes What Is a Class? Classes are Objects which allow you to group a set of related […]

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Data Manipulation Classes

These classes provide the tools and data structures needed to separate your physical data in your spreadsheet, from how you process it in your procedures.  Notice that the row and column numbers begin at 1, […]

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Scope and Namespaces

What can you learn here? Public versus Private Variable visibility External References If you read the section on procedure arguments  you will have noticed the great capabilities in VBA (and all languages) for passing data between discrete […]

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How to use cDataSet

Excel Data Manipulation Classes I notice from Google Analytics the the cDataSet pages are by far the most popular on the site. These classes are used throughout all the projects on the site, and are […]