Apps Script & Java Script

scriptDb JavaScript api examples

The JavaScript client is very similar to A VBA API for scriptDB, so reading that will give you a more detailed flavor of what can be done. The implementation is very different though, and there are […]

From Office to Google Apps Script

Using scriptDB

scriptDB is a javaScript object database for Google Apps Script project. Here are a few key facts Every project can have its own scriptDB There are no Tables (this is a noSQL database). Instead it is […]

Apps Script & Java Script

scriptDB API for JavaScript

We have CRUD natively to scriptDB from Google Apps Script, A VBA API for scriptDB gave us one for Excel – now here’s one for JavaScript. That means you can use the same noSQL database for all […]

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First shot at Polymer

I’ve just completed my first Polymer app and have mixed feeling about the experience. Regulars to this blog and the associated site know that I’m a great fan of Google stuff and like to try out […]