I have a number of pages about the Analytics API scattered around under various topics. I’ve decided to bring some of them together into their own topic, even though the platforms they are  targeting are different. Organizing by API topic rather than platform, seems a more logical way to do it, even though it’s an ongoing task to get that done. Here’s what I’ve found on the site so far.
Adsense on Google Sites
If you have a Google Site and use Adsense you probably saw this  announcement. Starting October 10, 2013, it will ...
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Embedding Google Analytics in your VizMap application
What can you learn here? create analytics profileadd your accounttrack your usage javaScript: embedding Google AnalyticsGet it hereThis relates to Data ...
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Extract the plus one counts from a page
When implementing Using the gplus api in Apps Script I noticed that there didn't seem to be an easy way ...
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Instrumenting VBA for Google Analytics
It would be really interesting to be able to look at how people use things that you post. Google Analytics ...
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Universal analytics measurement protocol for your GAS libraries
A little while ago, I did a an article on Instrumenting VBA for Google Analytics, which uses Universal Analytics to track ...
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For more like this, see Google Apps Scripts snippets.