Embedding feeds in google sites

This page was about embedding gadgets into Google sites. Google has removed gadgets now but you may want to reuse some of the codes embedded into an iFrame.
If you have a web page already built that you want to include in your site, you simply need to include an Iframe gadget and use the web page url as your iframe src. There are Iframe gadgets available (just use insert/gadget and search for an iframe one), however Sites will automatically build an iframe gadget if you go into HTML edit mode and enter
<iframe src=”the url of your web page to embed”></iframe>
When you back to the editor, you can adjust the gadget properties to get the size and characteristics you want.

Embedding feeds

Many news sites and blogs generate rss feeds which allow you to embed content from their site in yours. For this you need a special gadget. Again you can probably find one with insert/gadget, but it’s easy to build your own. That allows you to do some fancy things, like only showing the feeds when hovering over an image – and dynamically adjusting the height to accommodate a particular number of posts. I like to do this because I don’t want my site real estate to be dominated by feed links. Hovering over them reveals them.
Below is the feed from my blog using this gadget.
The hosted address for my version this gadget is as below. You can use it or copy and make your own.  To insert, go to insert/..More gadgets and insert by URL. It’s hosted at https://storage.googleapis.com/goinggas.com/public/hosting/sites/xliberation/xml/feed.xml
Here’s how to use the Google Feeds API in a gadget to manage your feed.

Here’s the code for the gadget.