Firebase authentication with react and redux

Firebase authentication is replacing the Google Identity toolkit.  I’m not sure if I really understand the ‘firebasification’ of many of Google’s APIS. I think it’s  confusing whether you should use the Firebase version of things, or the underlying […]

Material-UI Components and redux interactions

Maintaining the selected row in a Material-UI table

I had some trouble with this one. The Material-UI table component has a property that allows you specify a callback when selected rows change. It looks like this.

I’ve defined what to do when the selected […]

Material-UI Components and redux interactions

Using a snackbar with react and redux

The Material-UI package has a nice Snackbar component. This is a little like toast in Apps Script – it’s a good way to show a transient message. But how to manage the appearance and disappearance of the […]

Redis, React, Redux, material-UI and Firebase

Creating promise actions in redux

If you’re reading this you probably already know something about  Redux, and how it works with React. Just in case you don’t here’s a quick recap of the steps. This can seem quite complex at […]


Enabling clipboard copy in React

Working with the clipboard in a webapp is more complicated than it needs to be due to differences in browsers and security concerns about copied content being retrievable by multiple users of the same browser. […]


Promise routing in Express

When using the Express router, the usual sequence of events is to detect the route, examine the request, perform some action, then send back the response. It’s quite likely that the action to be performed […]


Local variables in Redis Lua scripts

In Redis and Lua scripting I described getting started with the Lua scripting language for Redis. It is a great way to make sure that all the Redis actions that need to, can execute without interruption. In […]


Use firebase instead of

In Ephemeral Exchange I wanted to create a push notification capability so that subscribing apps could be informed immediately a cache item had changed or expired without having to poll for changes. The back end for cache […]


Fixing out of sync server times

In My server times are out of sync! I showed a formula to smooth the time differences between multiple servers when working a collaborative environment, but I started not to believe the results so set out to […]


My server times are out of sync!

When you are dealing with an app that uses several different servers, and which relies on timestamps for workflow activities, it’s very hard to understand what’s going on when the server times are out of […]


Preserving TTL for redis item update

When you update an item in Redis, there’s no real difference than setting it for the first time. That means that the expire time (TTL) on the original record will be lost, but if you […]


Nice axis labels for React recharts using D3

Imagine you are creating a chart, but you don’t know what the time period is going to, nor how many observations there will be. Figuring out the axes scales,  based on the data presented, can […]

Redis, React, Redux, material-UI and Firebase

React, Redux, Redis, Material-UI and Firebase

A whole bunch of front end platform libraries that go together really well, but that are hard to grasp and get started with. Here’s a bunch of snippets to help show how all these things interact.. […]



What is d3.js d3.js is a javaScript library that provides a ‘declarative framework’ for DOM manipulation and simplified access to SVG. d3 is the work of Mike Bostok and you should spend some time taking a look at […]