Google Visualization API data

The source data colorTable we want to load to our database is currently in a Google Spreadsheet. With scriptDB, we can access it directly. However,  to load data into parse we need to use the google visualization query […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Using Google Visualization charts and tables

javaScript: creating google visualization charts and tables This relates to Data Driven Mapping applications and the Javascript HowTo section Google Visualization tables and charts All visualizations are created from the dataViews mentioned in Using Google Visualization DataViews. Once […]

Google Visualization

Serializing Excel data for Google motion charts

In a previous section , I explained how to create javascript to create a Google Motion Chart directly from your from Excel data, and optionally embed it in your workbook. Since it is of course […]

Google Visualization

Google Visualization

Create Google visualizations straight out of Excel. Here you can download a prebuilt application, googleCharts.xlsm that demonstrates how to integrate google Visualizations with Excel. The subsequent pages are about how to develop such an application […]