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Measuring sheet operation performance

Looking into how various operations perform as the size of the sheet increase provided some interesting data. The objective is to see whether the time to execute particular operations is directly proportional to the size […]

Sheets specific

Converting timestamps to dates formula

In Apps Script, it’s easy

But sheets doesn’t use JavaScript timestamps for dates, it uses the number of days since 1st Jan 1900, with hours/mins/secs represented as a fraction of a day (an idea […]

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Optimizing showing and hiding rows and columns

You all know that trying to minimize calls to the spreadsheet API from Apps Script can dramatically speed things up. Let’s take a look at hiding and showing rows and columns, where we’re starting from […]

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Filling ranges in Google Sheets

Sometimes you need to fill a range in a sheet, either with a single value, or with some calculated value. It’s a pretty straightforward pattern, but if you are an Excel user, you’ll be used […]

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Get Data From Google Docs

There have been a number of changes to Google Docs over the years each of which has provided more ways to do things. The latest is the new Sheets API V4,which is by far the best […]

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Sheets Meta Data Advanced service library utilities

Sheets Developer Meta Data – Apps Script advanced service, shows how to used the Sheets Advanced service to work with Sheets DeveloperMetada. This post goes a little further and adds a library to simplify access […]

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Sheets Meta Data Advanced service library

Why Sheets Developer Metadata ? With Sheets API developer metadata, you can associate keys and data with a spreadsheet, sheet, row or column. Previously, if you wanted to ‘remember’ some data attribute, let’s say the […]