Measuring library load speed

There’s a lot of talk about whether or not to use libraries because of performance issues. When you just load the library once, it probably doesn’t matter, but if you are using Html service, every […]


Passing data to html service

One of the challenges when using htmlService is passing data from the server to client. Let’s look at an example. Consider this – the script

the template

I get a correct hello world […]


Add-on spinner

If your Add-on needs to execute a to go back to Apps to do something, like get or update data, that might take a little while to do. In these cases, it’s good to […]


Running things in parallel that need oAUTH2 – datastore

If you are using Parallel process orchestration with HtmlService along with Database abstraction with google apps script you’ll need to know how to work with access tokens for oAuth2. Assuming you’ve used EzyOauth2 patterns to set up your application to be […]


Pseudo binding in HTML service

One of the good things about Microsoft apps for office Add-ins (these are similar to Apps Script Add-ons in that you get a sidebar where you can extend apps with HTML apps), is that data […]


More client server code sharing

In Sharing code between client and server I wrote about how you could write code that could be used by both your client JavaScript and your server Apps Script, so you could pool utility functions when writing […]