Emulating worksheet functions in apps script with d3

For setting up D3Gas you’ll need the library, and for background on D3 and Apps Script read Using D3 in server side Gas Set up You’ll need the d3Gas library.  1vZzEtFKAG_PHn44HgEdSBave5NQ-SprisJ0Ngid0ovahwEOMkBO1s6DX Then you can do this […]


Using D3 in server side Gas

There are plenty of examples on this site of using D3 for its visualization capabilities, whether from Excel, Apps Script or some other platform. I like D3 a lot, and now with the release of […]


Flight data from Fusion

I’ve been playing around with the live integration of large cloud based data sets with D3.js. Most visualizations with D3 use some kind of static data, but I became interested in pulling different source into d3. […]


Quick doughnut and pie charts with a radial timer

If you’ve been trying out the Configurable circular timer with D3 or playing around with Example of clock using d3 configurable timer you’ll have seen how easy it is to create a versatile timer by just configuring a few […]


Example of clock using d3 configurable timer

In Configurable circular timer with D3 I showed a circular timer made with D3.js . Although it’s not really what it’s for, this simple example shows how to make a complex viz. This is a clock […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Configurable circular timer with D3

I don’t use jQuery, neither in regular webapps nor in Apps Script HtmlService apps. No particular reason – I just prefer to use vanilla JavaScript. I often use d3.js, mainly for visualization as in these examples elsewhere […]