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Zoomable Partition Charts

How to create a d3 zoomable partition chart straight from Excel. As always, acknowledgement to Mike Bostock on whose zoomable partition chart this is based.  A partition chart is a way of showong heirarchical data. The zoomable part is […]

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Making sense of joins in D3

I come back to D3 about once every 6 months, and every single time I’ve forgotten how joins work. To avoid that next time, I’m writing it down to explain to myself, and hopefully you […]


Excel tables to d3.js Force diagram

How to create d3.js force diagrams from  excel tables In Sankey diagrams from Excel and Creating d3.js Tree diagrams the input data for these d3.js visualizations was of a specific layout. We are now going to look at a more generalized […]


Eurovision results with crossfilter and dc.js

Since the 50’s, there has been an annual song contest involving many European countries. It’s a fairly bizarre event, but one of the most interesting things about it is the voting system. Countries vote for […]


d3 and parse mashup

This is an interesting mashup of a number of topics covered on this site. The target is to build an app that Retrieves color scheme data from a database, much like the app in Color […]

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Sankey diagrams from Excel

Acknowledgement Much of the javaScript and d3.js came from Mike Bostok’s site. If you use any of this material, please be sure to maintain the acknowledgement for his work. There have been a few features added […]



What is d3.js d3.js is a javaScript library that provides a ‘declarative framework’ for DOM manipulation and simplified access to SVG. d3 is the work of Mike Bostok and you should spend some time taking a look at […]