Microsoft Office & VBA

Use a spreadsheet as a database in 5 minutes

This tutorial will get you started with Database abstraction with google apps script and show you how to write a small app that uses a sheet as a database.   Open do something in 5 with gas-1-use […]

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Apps Script & Java Script

Null should mean something

It’s a common pattern in JavaScript to do this to assign a default value to a variable :

In other words, if someThing has a ‘falsey’ value (false, null , undefined , ” ,0) […]

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GitHub and VBA integration

If you develop shared code for VBA, you’ve probably got some massive workbooks that contain multiple projects that you wish you could separate, but it’s too complicated because they are sharing classes and functions. The […]

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First shot at Polymer

I’ve just completed my first Polymer app and have mixed feeling about the experience. Regulars to this blog and the associated site know that I’m a great fan of Google stuff and like to try out […]

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D3 and d3.js mashup

Today’s post pulls together a number of concepts I’ve been playing around with lately. As usual my source data and post theme is based on data associated with color schemes – pantone, paint colors etc […]

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Getting physical again

Real Angry Birds In the toy store yesterday, I came across something odd. Physical games based on virtual ones. We all know  how to play Angry Birds on our smartphones, Ipads etc – but here […]

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Microsoft Office & VBA

Batman plot in Excel

In plotting functions in Excel I showed how to create plots from equations without needing to create a data table. Using the same template, here is the Excel version of the well known Batman Plot. Using […]

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Microsoft Office & VBA

Plotting equations in Excel

Roberto Mensa share this post today on G+, reminding me about the Google instant graph capability, and of course I wondered if the same thing could be achieved in Excel. Excel doesn’t really know how to […]

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Daily REST library

FAA airport status API: The Daily REST library entry for Excel and GAScript

Today’s API is  “FAA airport status”  – a dataSet query API, populating rows in a spreadsheet using the Airport IATA code as a key Here’s the Excel code (included in cDataSet.xlsm downloadable from the ramblings site)


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Over 100 versions of cDataSet

I just added a couple of things to cDataSet.xlsm and noticed that I had done this over 100 times. During the same time period, visits to where this is hosted have gone like this The top […]

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Shopping with

I’ve recently started to use to pull together updates from this blog and the related site, along with anything else I find interesting or useful. It really is a nice way to curate things to […]

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Integrating Excel with Maps and Earth

The size of circles on Google Maps

On the ramblings site you can see how to create Google Maps straight from Excel, including adding circle overlays. By default, the code generated to plot these circles looks like this.

  Where sz and […]

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From VBA to Google Apps Script

Rest Library for Google Apps Script

In previous posts I covered a couple of conversions of Excel VBA projects to Google Apps Script, with particular emphasis on maintaining compatibility between the solutions to allow for dual maintenance. Previous conversions have been a GAS […]