Array formulas – doing lots of things at once

Many  people have a love hate relationship with what is perhaps Excel’s most powerful capability.

Normally you don’t use them enough to become completely comfortable with them, but when you do you wish you had more opportunity to use them.

Array Formulas

Array formulas and large ranges

What can you learn here? array formulas VBAusing VBA profilerusing worksheet profiler Are Array formulas viable with large ranges On the Excel …
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Array formulas and sumproduct

Using array formulas rather than sumproductWe looked at the use of sumproduct() previously. Lets repeat that using array formulas instead. Array formulas will give you more solution …
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Array Formulas Introduction

These are a much overlooked feature of Excel, largely because array functions can be hard to understand. The power of …
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Bit Twiddling

What is bit twiddlingSometimes you need to do many logical operations at once. For example, consider the problem where you …
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Leveraging sorted data with Match

What can you learn here? Optimization and profilingfilling ranges using VBAusing match to partition data Another approach to Array formulas …
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Optimizing the array formula

What can you learn here? Optimization and profilingFilling ranges using VBAArray formulas I previously covered a VBA solution for a problem …
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The birthday problem

This problem is often used to show that statistics are sometimes counter intuitive.  If you try to imagine how many people you …
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