Is it still worth creating blogposts ?

I’ve considerably cooled on the whole blogging thing over the years, preferring to post either to G+ communities, github, to my tutorial site or my YouTube channel, or to work on more substantial resources, such as books or video courses.

There are many who give up their time to create free tutorial resources, and in the main, those that use them are grateful and become part of a loose, but ongoing community. That’s the reward for the effort – to freely share things you’ve figured out how to do, to go on to see how others use and improve on your work , and to see the work continues to be referenced – sometimes years after it was initially created.

It seems to me that tutorials should be indexable, organized and sequential with a start and a finish. Blogposts, on the other hand tend to be standalone, ephemeral, with a shorter half-life, and if they are referenced at a later date, then it as a result of serendipity rather than by design.

So why bother with creating blogposts ?  G+, Twitter and Facebook provide a convenient outlet for spontaneous expression, and have the added benefit a diverse audience, as well as the instant gratification and social validation provided by likes, reshares and comments.

I’m conflicted as to whether Blogger is even a worthwhile medium any longer. I suspect it’s not. What are your thoughts ?

Author: brucemcp

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