Finding nearest match and other palettes in other fixed color schemes

Color scheme UI

I posted about a color scheme explorer app the other day. Given a specific color, it will find – in a given color scheme such as dulux paint colors, the nearest 5 colors plus various palettes using different color models.

Working with a limited scheme

Let’s say you have a limited scheme – for this example I found the colors used by RAF for painting planes – it only has 51 variations – and you want to find something in that scheme the nearest to some color, here’s how.

Enter the hex value for the color you are interested in – in this case I chose a greenish color, then select the color scheme to look in. I picked ‘raf’, then hit ‘create details’

Here’s the result – Duck Egg Blue is the closest to the given color in the RAF color scheme.

Selecting nearest match in another scheme. 

Let’s say we want to want to use dulux paint to get as near to Duck Egg Blue as possible. Select the dulux scheme, click on “duck egg blue”, and we see that “corsican” is the closest in the dulux scheme.

Live example. 

You can find the app at or embedded below.


More color schemes

I’m looking for more color schemes. If you would like to contribute a color scheme, all i need is the link to a Google Document with the scheme in it, like the colortable tab in this spreadsheet.

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