How to Embed gist code samples in Blogger

On this blog, and on the ramblings site there is a growing number of code samples, but of course as things evolve, they get out of date. I started to write something to embed Gist samples in Blogger, but I came across a great post from Moski Doski, who had already solved the problem. Take a look at his post for how to do it. It’s just a couple of steps

Here’s an example of how my code samples will be published in this blog from now on, which means they will be automatically updated when the source gist is. Next step – the same thing for Google Sites…

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Here’s my gist sample for my last post on R melt implementation for Google Apps Script

Loading ….

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  1. Thanks! Any idea how to edit the options of the blogger dynamic template sidebar dropdown? I haven't tried yet, honsetly, so it may be a simple thing. Just an aside pop quiz random ask/comment thingy

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