GAS openbadges infrastructure – playing around with images and promises

I’ve done a series of posts lately about Mozilla open badges, in particular, showing how to implement a badge issuing infrastructure based mainly on Google Apps Script.

Today I added using the pixastic js library for manipulating badge images when already awarded, along with some changes to use jquery.promise() to manage all the asynchronous stuff going on to manage these various pieces.

Here is the updated code with these changes.
To see how you would earn a badge, click on one of the badges on the below right, and take the associated quiz.

The panel on the right is just an iframe with this embedded link.

The panelset id is all that’s needed to defined the  set of badges to show, along with their associated questions. Click on a badge to take a quiz. To store badges in your Mozilla Backpack, you’ll need a persona login

For more information on how all this works, and to see this embedded in Google Sites see Excel Liberation

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