Adventures in serializing VBA classes – automatically documenting your modules

Figuring out how to serialize native VBA classes to jSon is something I’ve been working on in the background for some time. If you’ve been following this blog or the related Excel Liberation Site, you will have seen  a whole bunch of material that provide the foundation for this effort. Well, I’m not quite there yet, but a by product  is an interesting capability to document the classes and procedures in an Excel workbook.I’m pretty excited by this because up till now I’ve had to do it manually (and badly)

Directly from Excel, you can create either a static web page or a Google Table based analysis of all your workbook procedures.

Here’s the static version. .. and the google tables version. .. and we can create a json version too if you need to do further javascript processing.

You can read how to do this and  download the cDataSet.xlsm  workbook from the Excel Liberation site. You can also incorporating the code into your own workbook, using an automated code update

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