Playing around with Color on Google Apps Script

I’m going back to Google Apps Script for today’s post.

I’ve been on a little diversion playing around with color  in VBA, so now it’s time to implement some of that in GAS. If you have been following from VBA to Google Apps Script, you’ll know that the migration from VBA to Excel is actually pretty trivial for this kind of thing, with most of what’s needed already implemented in a shared library.

Here’s the detail, and source code on a bunch of color manipulation functions I’ve ported from VBA to GAS,

The workbook contains a massive color table of Pantone color lookups, dulux paint colors and various other things. Next step I’ll be putting that on scriptDB with a REST query interface.

Here’s a little snap of the color table.

Here’s the code to both calculate the various color models, and color the table accordingly.

For more stuff like this, visit the Excel liberation site.

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