Unused tube stations: discovered via scraperwiki- mapped with Excel and Google Maps

A while ago, I posted something about interesting scraperwiki data, that’s to say public web scrapings that people had created at some point. In getting scraperwiki data into excel, I showed how you could get a list of what data might have been scraped by others, as well as import the data itself.

I came across a nice one the other day “Dylan Maryk / Disused Underground Station Coordinates”. Thanks to Dylan for getting that data. I thought I may as well load that into Excel and of course plot them on a map (connecting those on the same tube line of course)

Using Excel to Google mapping was a simple mashup, to give us this map of disused stations, along with some data about them if you click on them. The mapping page generated from Excel is here, and embedded below

You can download the cDataSet.xlsm and googlemapping.xlsm workbook from the Excel Liberation site.

Author: brucemcp

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