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I’ve recently started to use to pull together updates from this blog and the related site, along with anything else I find interesting or useful. It really is a nice way to curate things to reference or share.

Going completely off topic, the other day, I figured it could be a really nice way to sort out choices when you are shopping – in other words creating a ‘short list’ which you could then go back and tweak. This is especially true if you are making a joint decision. For example, let’s say that you are looking around for a house and want to pull together a shortlist from multiple web sites so you can share them with your family, get help with arranging visits with the realtor, and generally organize the whole business – does this brilliantly.

For fun, here’s a selection of houses I pulled together into a shortlist from various places. Not only that, but the existence of the topic automatically generates suggestions for more. Although it’s not really designed for that, this would make a great tool for a realtor business or any other consolidator.  I recommend you take a look – there’s a lot of potential here.

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