Page Rank REST API from Excel and Google Apps Script

I haven’t posted anything on new entries to the rest-excel-gas library for a while. As I mentioned in this post the library itself is available as a rest query. There have been quite a number of new APIs added lately through forum requests, but here is a nice one – populate a worksheet with the Google Page Ranks of a list of given domains. (you just enter the domains you want, the library call fills in the rest)

Aside from the dismal page ranks given for my own site and blog, I think this is a pretty cool api.

Here’s the Excel version, implemented in the cDataSet.xlsm workbook downloadable from the ramblings site.

Public Sub testPageRank()
    generalDataSetQuery “page rank”, “page rank”, “domain”
End Sub

And the Google Apps Script version, available for you to make a copy of the workbook here.

function testPageRank() {
    mcpher.generalDataSetQuery ( “page rank”, “page rank”, “domain”);   }

For more stuff like this visit the blog or ramblings site.

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