More d3.js fun – how to create d3.js force diagrams from Excel with no coding

I’ve posted a few examples of d3.js lately, such as mapping tweet sentiments on a force diagram,  d3.js tree diagrams, and sankey diagrams.

I haven’t had a consistent approach to data structure so I thought I should correct that before doing any more of these. Now you can create a force diagram (and shortly many other d3.js visualizations) directly from Excel without any messing around organizing it. Here’s an example of ‘sean connery’ films taken from the iTunes library using the excel rest library. Better yet, here is the interactive version (probably doesn’t work on IE)

For more stuff like this, take a look at the d3.js section on the ramblings site and download the workbook to visualize your own data.

Author: brucemcp

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