Adding to the crest- Excel Library

Following the post earlier on rest-jSon-Excel in one line of code , I found that you can do the research and add a new library entry in about 10 minutes.

Here is a query to populate an Excel sheet with all the movies a particular actor has every made, using the itunes rest API.

Public Sub testItunesMovie()
    generalQuery “itunesmovie”, “itunes movie”, _
        InputBox(prompt:=”Enter your itunes movie search query (eg. actor name)”, _
             Title:=”itunes API query:results to the itunesmovie worksheet”)
End Sub

Here’s the library entry

        Case “itunes movie”
            If abandonType(sEntry, qType, erSingleQuery) Then Exit Function
            sUrl = “”
            sResults = “results”
            bTreeSearch = False

And here’s the result, using Peter Fonda as the query, so let’s have your suggestions on other cool Apis.

Author: brucemcp

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