Adding google analytics to your custom gadget

What you need

It took me a while to find out how to do this, but it’s really simple.Implementing this means that you can track usage of your gadget, whether embedded in a web page, or in  a Google doc.

What you need to do
  • Add a new domain to your google analytics account. Just make one up – in my case I used It doesn’t need to exist, and you dont need to own it. It just needs to look like a real domain.
  • Remember the  UA-xxxxx-n code that Analytics generates for that domain.
  • Think of an imaginary page address – this is what views will get recorded against in your analytics report. Again – it doesn’t need to exist.
  • Inject this into your in your XML code
    var ga = new _IG_GA(‘UA-10017268-2’);
  • And this in your XML

     Require feature=”setprefs” / 
     Require feature=”” / 

You are good to go. Shortly afterwards analytics will start reporting on accesses to you gadget, under the domain and page you settled on.

See roadmapper gadget  for details


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