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What next

Thinking about what to work on next for the Excel Ramblings site, I wondered how I could pull together the work on JSON along with google visualization serialization to open up access to web service capabilities that Excel really doesnt get to easily. Looking at an article by Pete Bromberg on eggheadcafe, it struck me that i could process responses like this and populate Excel Sheets with some structured data taken from sources like otter, or alternatively to stream data live from google docs into Excel – indeed reverse engineering google table data into Excel. This would just mean providing a form where the available fields in the feed can be selected for inclusion in the query, after which it’s just a case of deserializing and formatting in Excel.

Projects under construction/consideration

These are the items I am working on are thinking about

  • Finish the JSON deserializer to handle arrays & data types other than just string.
  • Provide a means to import arbritary data, as defined by a JSON data feed into Excel
  • Import google docs data into Excel directly using a dataurl mechanism set up in google docs
  • Improve the roadmap project with callouts and clickable shape manipulation

What Else

Please let me have ideas for how these should develop at

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